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>>Putting the Science of Communication into the Communication of Science<<

A good translator will turn a source text into a target text. An outstanding translator will produce another source text  in the target language.

 particularly in the life sciences field  is about more than accuracy. It is about quality and trust.
Lack of expertise or attention to detail by the translator will be taken as a lack of expertise or attention to detail by the person or organization who produced the original text/information/website. Written material that is clumsy and/or unengaging will be taken as demonstrating a lack of interest in the foreign-language reader (or client) or, worse, a willingness to cut corners. 

A text that is perfectly pitched at the foreign-language audience creates trust: trust in the quality of the products and/or services provided; trust in the value placed in and respect shown to the client/patient. 

Lingualogic prides itself on its expertise, professionalism, and outstanding services 
– and the many long-standing business relationships we have built.
We realise that translation is often the final step in a long process and that deadlines may be tight as a result. We will always strive to accommodate your deadlines as far as this is possible.
Choose Lingualogic
 – You owe it to yourself, your business, your reputation, and your sanity.


Lingualogic provides specialist language services and regulatory support to discerning clients from academia, publishing, healthcare, medical/life sciences, and the pharmaceutical industry:

Preparation/translation/proofreading & editing of regulatory documents (forms, letters, trial-related documentation)
Preparation/translation/proofreading & editing of conference presentations, posters, journal articles, dissertations and theses/ website content, hospital letters/discharge reports etc.0
Medical/general interpreting services (incl. functions and meetings, skype, telephone)

Regulatory support
EU/US regulatory compliance specialist
Preparation/translation/proofreading & editing of regulatory documents prior to submission 
Preparation/translation/proofreading & editing of trial-related documentation, from the planning stages (protocols, SOPs, CRFs, ethical and regulatory approval forms and letters etc) to dissemination (conference presentations, posters, journal articles)

Medical writing
Consultancy services in medical writing for English-language audiences (including coaching/training)
Medical writing services (regulatory affairs, clinical trial documentation, dissemination, theses etc.)
Review/proofreading of English-language journal articles, promotional and educational materials, study-related documenation etc.

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